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Seidl Dairy Cattle

Welcome to Seidl Dairy Cattle

We “Moove” Cattle

Welcome to Seidl Dairy Cattle, your one-stop source for top quality dairy and feeder cattle. Whatever kind of cattle you are looking for, we can find them for you. We provide a wide variety of services, including buying and selling of cattle, feeding programs at feedlots across the United States, cattle transport, farm buyouts, veterinary affidavits and marketing. We are in the business to “moove” cattle according to your requirements.

We Specialize in Quality
Dairy and Feeder Cattle

At Seidl Dairy Cattle, we have the experience and resources to provide total service. From one cow to 1,000 we can locate the high quality, healthy cattle you need to prosper on your farm.

At Seidl, Veterinary affidavits are available at any time upon request, for all vaccinations and pregnancy, signed by the veterinarian who worked with the cattle.

We buy and sell:

  • Open Cattle (not bred)
  • Short Bred (from 30 days to 4 months)
  • Springing Heifers (5 months to 9 months)
  • Complete Dairy and Beef cattle herds
  • Holstein and Native Feeder steers
  • Cattle on hand to sell at all times.

Complete Farm Buyouts

Seidl Dairy Cattle also buys complete farms. We will purchase everything from the cattle, to the buildings, equipment and land. Call us today if you need help with the sale of your farm property and facilities.

Seidl Dairy Cattle
Seidl Dairy Cattle
Seidl Dairy Cattle